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Custom Made Contact Lenses

Custom Made Gas Permeable & Soft Contact Lenses

We fit and supply all types of custom made Soft and Rigid contact lenses and they can be manufactured to any parameter and power. For patients who have irregular or very astigmatic eyes we offer a specialised service. Our gas permeable bifocals are unique and are made individually for each patient.

We offer a free comfort trial and should you be unsuitable once you have worn them for two months then we offer a money back guarantee. All you will pay is a consultation fee.

Custom Made Contact Lenses: Prices
Lens Type Price Monthly*
Soft Lenses
Soft custom made 89.00 7.50
High Water Soft 125.00 9.50
Tinted Soft 135.00 10.50
Standard Toric 185.00 12.74
Custom Made Toric 215.00 16.00
Soft Bifocal 299.00 20.00
Gas Permeable Lenses**
Standard Gas Permeable*** 98.00 6.50
High Gas Permeable*** 125.00 7.00
Premium Gas Permeable 175.00 10.50
Ultra Gas Permeable 215.00 12.00
Standard Bifocal 199.00 11.00
Special Order Varifocal 275.00 13.50

* 12 month scheme by direct debit

** 18 month scheme by direct debit

*** Same Day Service weekdays only

Our Direct Debit Extended Aftercare Scheme includes new lenses every 12 or 18 months. Also included are all the professional fees, reduced price lenses should you lose or damage them and 10% discount off spectacles and sunglasses from Stephen Donald Eyewear, our spectacle practice next door.

Soft Contact Lenses
Custom Made Contact Lens
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