Ortho K Eyedream Contact Lenses


Eyedream is a new type of contact lens that corrects your vision while you sleep. The lens is removed when you wake and you then enjoy crisp, unaided vision all day!

Eyedream Ortho K is a safe and completely reversible option. Imagine the freedom of normal unaided vision all day, every day!

If you would like to know if your eyes are suitable for this unique type of eyesight correction, please call our practice for a no obligation appointment. We will measure your cornea exactly with the help of a corneal mapping device and check whether you are within the parameters available.

Cost: £150 non refundable deposit. If successful the cost will be £42.00 each month by direct debit.

Benefits of Ortho-K Contact Lenses

There are many advantages of Ortho-K for people of all ages. This nonintrusive eye correction therapy provides an easy way to have clear, natural vision. Ortho-K is a process of gently moulding the cornea to reduce eye conditions by the application of contact lenses worn during sleep.

The goal of Orthokeratology is to give sharp daytime vision without the need for glasses or contacts and without the need of refractive surgery. The cells in the eye can be manipulated and forced to change shape under the lightest external pressure. This allows the lenses to carefully and painlessly change the shape of the eye in order to correct vision. The pressure can be manipulated as the eye changes and grows; a feature very useful in children, whose eyes are not yet fully grown

One of the major advantages of Ortho-K is having clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. This makes Ortho-K an excellent option for professions where such aids could be compromised, such as sports, fire-fighting or work involving dust or dirty environments. They are also a solution for jobs requiring a degree of uncorrected vision, such as pilots or police. Laser eye surgery can be expensive and require several consultations.

Children have a great deal to gain from the advantages Ortho-K offers. Studies have demonstrated that adoption of Ortho-K in children can slow the advancement of myopia by significant degrees.

Advantages of Orthokeratology

  • Clear daytime vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  • No surgical procedures needed
  • Reversible process
  • No hazy vision of similar post-laser-surgery conditions
  • Modifiable as your eye conditions change
  • Pain-free
  • Child-safe
  • Safe and well-understood technology