Contact Lens Solutions

Multi-purpose solutions are formulated to clean and disinfect soft disposable contact lenses. They are convenient and simple to use.

Please ensure that you change your solution each time you wear your lenses. If lenses are not worn regularly it is advisable to discard the solution at least twice each week in order to ensure complete sterility. Although many manufacturers claim it is not necessary to rub lenses to remove proteins, debris and microorganisms we continue to recommend a rub and rinse before soaking soft lenses for a minimum of 6 hours in their container.

Always rinse your lenses before insertion and never change products without first seeking advice. Patients attending our clinics with irritated, red or dry eyes often initiate the problems by changing their recommended solutions.

Further advice

Never use tap water for rinsing your soft contact lenses.

Always clean your contact lens container at least once each week with Multi-purpose solutions and dry in air.

In the case of persistent eye irritation discontinue use, remove lenses from your eyes and consult your contact lens practitioner.


We also stock Regard Multi-purpose contact lens solution which is another revolutionary preservative free product for the disinfecting and cleaning of Silicone Hydrogel lenses.


A preservative-free peroxide solution. It is an ideal product for the disinfecting and cleaning of Silicone Hydrogel lenses. Refine solution must be used with a suitable lens container which neutralises the peroxide over 6 hours. Refine is not a multipurpose solution and must not be applied directly into the eye or used for rubbing or rinsing contact lenses.