Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured cosmetic lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription, with over 30 colours to choose from to change your eye colour.

Monthly Freshlook Colour Blends

A range of coloured lenses to blend naturally with your eyes:


1st Supply (2 pairs) 1 Pair 4 Pairs 6 Pairs
£45.00 £25.00 £85.00 £120.00
Air Optix
£45.00 £25.00 £85.00 £120.00

The first supply of monthly coloured lenses includes initial consultation, two pairs of lenses, soaking solutions and handling instructions. After your initial trial, lenses can be purchased at the prices shown above.

1 Day Freshlook:

  • 10 Pairs £25
  • Blue, Green, Gray Blends and Pure Hazel

1 Day Freshlook ILLUMINATE:

  • Coloured lenses designed to enhance the natural beauty of Asian eyes. Each lens is printed with a unique starburst pattern
  • 10 Pairs £25