Photophia and migraine tinted contact lenses

June 9th, 2018

Photophia and migraine tinted contact lenses are a special design of contact lens which helps reduce or eliminate sensitivity to bright light.  The tint colour mixture allows a general filtration of the visible light and concentration on the blue or ultra violet light rays that can induce light sensitity or migraines as often.


The darkness of the tint can be altered depending on the severity of the glare, so medium tints are ideal for reducing glare in the office, normal lights in the house, computer brightness and driving at night.  The dark tint is designed for people who are extremely light sensitive and end up wearing sunglasses inside!

These permanent contact lenses are availble in 67% and 77% water contact that allow the eyes to breath enough oxygen on normal 12 hour wear.  Normal replacement is advised once yearly when the correct cleaning solution is used.

To discuss this type of contact lens book in with our qualified opticians for a 30 minute consultation at Kings Walk Contact lenses Nottingham.