Orthokeratology Night Lenses and Myopia Control

March 14th, 2022

Orthokeratology (ortho-K or Night Lenses) is the process of wearing specially designed lenses overnight.  During sleep these lenses remould the front layer of your cornea, allowing you to see clearly the next day after removal.

Ortho-k will correct short sighted prescriptions up to -5.00 diopters and astigmatism up to -1.50.  The clear vision will be corrected for approximately 24 hours, so the overnight lenses should be worn nightly.

Ortho k not only corrects your vision during the day, it also slows the progression of childhood myopia.  This process is called Myopia Control.  This occurs by stopping the axial growth of the eye, which is how shortsightedness is caused.   So if Ortho k lenses are worn for 15-20 years any increase in prescription will be halted.

Benefits of Otho K night lenses are freedom in wearing glasses or daytime contact lenses.  Less dry eye problems, especially those who sit in front of a PC or use digital devices.  Good vision for sport.  Better option for children as lenses only worn at night, so parents can supervise the lens wear.

This process can be trialled for one month at a cost of £145, then once successful a direct debit will be organised monthly at £42.00.  This includes contact lenses every six months, solutions for soaking lenses, aftercare appointment and 2 extra lenses a year in case of loss or damage.  The lenses used by Kings Walk Contact Lenses are Eyedream overnight and Menicon Z night lenses.  Please telephone the Nottingham city centre practice to book a free initial assessment.