Hybrid contact lenses for high astigmatism

January 31st, 2020

Hybrid contact lenses are perfect for prescriptions with high astigmatism.  The lens is designed with a gas permeable lens in the centre with a soft outter skirt around the edge.  The gas perm lens corrects all the corneal astigmatism giving super sharp vision and the soft lens gives good comfort.  This is a good option for those who have tried gas perm lenses, but found this design uncomfortable and issues with windy dusty days.  Also hybrid lenses are ideal if you have tried soft toric contact lenses, but found vision unstable and blurred.

Hybrid contact lenses can be worn if you have kerataconus.  The gas permeable section of the lens corrects the corneal distortion, thus improving the vision massively compared to soft lenses or glasses.

The gas perm lens is fused to the soft outter skirt in the manufacturing process, so the junction between the soft and hard lens is extremely strong.  This makes the lens resistant against damaging and the lens usually lasts between 6 months and a year.

Hybrid lenses are easy the insert and remove.  Insertion is just like soft lenses.  To remove, look up and pinch the lower soft skirt which allows the lens to come away from the eye.

To clean hybrid lenses use a normal all in one solution, but to keep the surface very clean Ote cleaner is used daily and rinsed off with saline.  Protein remover tables can be used on a weekly basis.  Rewetting drops are advised daily to keep the soft part of the lens rehydrated.

For any advise on Hybrid contact lenses, please telephone our Nottingham city centre contact lens practice for an appointment on 01159 474387