Boston gas permeable solution Recall May 2021

June 10th, 2021

Boston gas permeable conditioning, cleaner and simplus solutions have been recalled by manufacturer Bausch & Lomb in May 2021.  The reason for the recall is due problems in the supply of the plastic bottle, nozzle and cap produced in Italy on behalf of Bausch & Lomb.  Boston will be unavailable for the next few months until the bottling issue is resolved.

The alternative solution options for gas perm lenses are, Regard K 120ml a preservative soaking and cleaning solution.  Multi GP 240ml by Avizor an all in one cleaning and soaking solution.  Delta cleaner and delta soaking solution all for gas perm contact lenses.  To enquire about alternative solutions or get advice about any contact lens solutions please call our Nottingham city centre practice or email on