The Acuvue range of contact lenses, Nottingham

June 26th, 2017

Kings Walk Contact Lenses has been an Acuvue Partner for the over 25 years specialising in the all the Acuvue Family of lenses. Historic lenses that have been available are Acuvue 2 2 weekly or monthly contact lenses. This hydrogel design is still a popular lens for wearers who have allergies to the newer silicon hydrogel lenses.
Newer 2 weekly designs that have superseded Acuvue2 is the Oasys 2 weekly lens. This is a silicon hydrogel design allows 3 times more oxygen to the eye and this design stays wetter for longer.
Moist 1 Day Acuvue lenses are the most popular brand of daily contact lenses sold at Kings Walk. This hydrogel daily give good comfort for all day wear.
New Oasys 1 Day is a silicon hydrogel version of moist, which gets better comfort especially at the end of day and allow 3 times more oxygen to the cornea.
The newest member of the Acuvue family is Vita, a monthly contact lens with extreme comfort until the end of the month.
To experience any of the Acuvue range of contact lenses call our Nottingham contact lens centre on 01159474387 for an appointment.