Migraine relief contact lenses

New Migraine relief contact lenses available at Kings Walk Contact Lenses, Nottingham.  Migralens 20 and Migralens 40 have been developed to help with light sensitive migraines.  Light sensitive migraines are triggered by many different light sources from bright sunlight to glare from fluorescent lights at work or in shops.  The Migralens 20 lens is designed […]

Lunelle ES70 and ES70 Toric lenses available at Kings Walk Contact Lenses Nottingham

Lunelle ES70 and Lunelle ES70 soft contact lenses are supplied and fitted at Kings Walk Contact Lenses Nottingham city centre practice.  This yearly soft lenses lens that has been available since the 1980’s is now manufactured by Swiss lens since 2020 after Coopervision stopped producing all yearly lenses.  This made to order lens is available […]

Z6 and Z6 Toric contact lenses available at Kings Walk Contact Lenses Nottingham

Z6 soft lenses and Z6 Toric soft contact lenses were discontinued by Coopervision in October 2020 in the UK.  The good news is the Z6 brand has been taken over by Cantor and Nissel manufactured here in the UK.  All lenses are made to order exact to the curve of your eye and exact prescription.  […]

New Visu EVO is a new eye drop for those with evapourative dry eye.  This type of dry eye is when the  oily part of your tears, causing the tears to evapourate during the day especially when using a computer screen.  Visu EVO adds the lipid layer back to the tear film, stopping the eyes […]

Preservative Free solutions for soft contact lenses

Over the past 20 years multi purpose contact lens soaking solutions have been the main option for cleaning your soft lenses.  Issues can arise with these solutions as they often use preservative to kill bacteria on the lens overnight, which can be highly allergic causing the eyes to feel dry, blurred and uncomfortable. There are […]