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Bifocal & Varifocal Contact Lenses

Just because you need bifocal spectacles doesn't mean you have to wear them!

Our new range of varifocal contact lenses give you near, middle and distance vision, uninhibited by the constraints of wearing bifocals or carrying two pairs of spectacles.

How do they work?

Each lens has a unique design. The optical power varies gradually across its surface and good vision quality is maintained. The added benefit of our varifocal lenses is that they are made using a low water content material with high oxygen porosity and therefore are ideal for the over 45's who usually tend to suffer more with dry eye.

Designed to fit in with your lifestyle by offering:

If you thought that bifocal spectacles were your only option for clear vision think again and enjoy maximum vision quality with the freedom of a monthly disposable soft contact lens.

If we find that your prescription is unsuitable for soft bifocals - you may have an unusual eye shape or a high optical power - we are experts at fitting custom made Gas permeable varifocal contact lenses. Gas permeable lenses are made from a more rigid material and full day wear does take a little longer compared to soft lenses.

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Bifocal Contact Lenses
Bifocal Contact Lenses
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